My Background

Trained as an architect at Yale Art and Architecture School ’66, I opened a private practice in architecture and sculpture in 1970 in Washington, DC. As a sole practitioner, I spend half time on architecture and half time making sculpture. The two professions complement each other in many ways. I have regular sculpture exhibits and am represented by Addison/Ripley Gallery in Georgetown.


My Medium

I work primarily in wood, which is hand carved, rasped and sanded smooth. There is a minimal use of electric tools. I work without assistants. Finishes are usually Polyacrylic varnish tinted with acrylic artist’s color. Exterior finish on wood pieces is acrylic color with hardening varnish. Several older pieces were made with fiber glass laid up over sculpted foam. Some exterior pieces are welded steel with a permanent powder coat finish. The welding and finish are subcontracted.


My Inspiration

Abstract sculptural pieces with no direct or specific inspiration often, upon completion, remind me of experiences or objects and are titled accordingly. Using my interest and knowledge of architecture, many pieces are “visionary” building projects in model form, often for specific places in our city; some are transformations of existing or proposed buildings. Some are fantasies. Some could be built. Interested in function as well as beauty, I make furniture and useful objects. I love landscape and make three dimensional visions of specific places, often river scenes which are built into light boxes with their own illumination. Urban culture and wild nature are equally inspirational. I walk a lot in the city. Canoeing and canoe camping are avid  hobbies.